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Vj Aurel

Vj Aurel makes of mental cinema. A fusion of photos, movie clips and graphic beats put various dreams into motion. Of dark glam in pop psychedelism, the images diffract, up to the flight point of the memory.

• Aurel begins his artistic activity with photo-collage and then sculpture. Profoundly inspired by cinema, music and science fiction, he discovers the energy of the Belgian techno at the beginning of the 90s. In the following years, he exposes his creations in parisian places as the Bar of the Trianon, the bar Tamla, the Fashion space designer Jean Fixo …
• In 1994, he takes part in Brussels to the organization of the parties Explora at Fuse and Mystic at Mirano. With Xylax, he delivers several monumental sculptures and realizes an experimental movie of 2h45, Cyber 1, then shown in diverse Belgian and French clubs.
• In 2002, he realizes the video triptych Traverses for Monum (Historic monuments), shown in the castle of Pierrefonds for the exhibition “le duc violet”.
• In 2006 he joins the collective Working Class Dj’s as a Vj.
• In 2007, he creates Trancinetik with his friends Xylax, Eldon and Cedricou. It is the association of several sensibilities at the service of a form of musical and visual trance.
• In 2009, Trancinetik is invited to play at the Tokyo Decadance in Glazart (Paris).
• From 2010 till 2013, Aurel plays beside Dj’s such as Manu le Malin, Oscar Mulero, Function (Berghain), Dasha Rush, Adam X… in Batofar, the Machine of the Moulin Rouge, the Cabaret Sauvage, the Trabendo, the OPA, The Scène Bastille…
• In 2013, he gets acquainted with Dj Patrice Heyoka with whom he decides to form the duet Exolab, mixing psychedelic electro music and science fiction.
• In 2015, he occurs in Tilt Festival (Perpignan), at the Microcosmos party (Butterfly Family), to the Burning Mountain Festival (Switzerland)…



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